Sierra Designs Aspiring Artists Applicant Information

Name: Jamie-Leigh Bissett
Address: 7312 Alvah Ave, Dundalk, MD 21222
Phone: (443) 454-1371

Photography projects of varying styles:

Below is the photo I referenced in my application describing my favorite day as a photographer up to now. It is not as technically good as my most recent photos, but without it, I am not the photographer I am today.

Video About Jamie-Leigh Bissett

Steve’s Artwork And Design

I do not claim the following artwork as my own. The designs belong to my husband, Steve, who is a visual and graphic artist. Because we work as a team in all things in life ,his talents are my talents, which is why I am including his designs below with his full permission. Upon becoming an aspiring artist, I will not only bring my own creative juices to the table, but I also get to tap into the creative talents of both my husband, Steve, and daughter, Julia. If two heads are better than one than three heads can’t be beat.

Formal Video Work

I don’t have much formal video experience yet, but I have created several short marketing videos along the way in my photography business that have received very positive responses. Video is something I would very much like to explore in the future.