Offcast Episode 7: Johnny Poulos & Lukas Fronzoli

I went to high school with Johnny and Lukas and together we are celebrating our 20-year reunion on May 4, at the Elks Lodge in Annapolis, Maryland.

Since high school, both Johnny and Lukas have stayed very active in the Annapolis music scene, and I’ve long since been a fan of their work. I learned several songs on the guitar thanks to Johnny’s tutelage back in high school and always wished I could tickle the strings the way he could.

That’s why I decided to sponsor a live music set for our reunion featuring Johnny on guitar and Lukas on drums. Though each plays with other bands and as solo acts, Johnny and Lukas have been creating melodies together since childhood and have amazing chemistry on stage.

Check our this week’s episode where we talk about Johnny and Lukas’ musical influences, what they’ve been up to since high school, and what they have in store for our reunion.