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Welcome to my first Offbeat Podcast or Offcast. Today’s episode brings you someone very special to me, Dr Katie Staab. Katie is one of my dearest friends and McDaniel College’s most enthusiastic professors.

We talked about our portrait session which took place on August 7, 2018, in the biology lab at McDaniel, a liberal arts college in Westminster, Maryland. Katie had just received the Zepp Distinguished Teacher award and needed an 8x10 black and white portrait of herself to be hung on the school’s Wall of Fame. She is the youngest professor to receive the award, which, to those of us who know her, surprised exactly no one.

Katie has been a constant source of happiness in my life and has al ways been a curiously kind person in general. Biology has always been her passion and she’s been injecting that enthusiasm for the subject into her students at McDaniel for six years.

She is my happy thought, and she is changing lives. Dr Katie Staab, the Zepp Distinguished Teacher for 2018.

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