Baltimore Scenic Maternity Portraits

Showing Off Baby Bump at Sunset in Federal Hill Park

Baltimore, Md. -

We were lucky the storms hovered south of Federal Hill Park in Baltimore, so our scenic maternity portraits could go on as planned.

We were also lucky the storms brought with them plenty of clouds, which come sunset, made our scenic maternity portraits go next level.

A few minutes before sunset at Federal Hill Park. The skyline looks nice, but…

…not quite as epic as during sunset, which took our scenic maternity portraits next level.

My baby sister got knocked-up by some dude called Jeff (her hubby), and the pair asked me to take some maternity portraits for them recently. I chose Federal Hill Park because, let’s face it, it’s hard to beat the location.

Both grew up in the Baltimore area, so I knew that city skyline resonated with them on a deeper level. I also loved watching the interaction between the person (or people) and the place.

The obligatory belly-to-belly shot, only this time with a serene scene behind them.

One of the reasons I love Federal Hill Park so much is you can create portraits of all sorts as you walk around the park. Do you want to give the portraits and outdoorsy, woodsy feel? There are plenty of trees that can accommodate that. Do you love the city skyline at night? Pick your angle as there are three serene scenes to choose from. Do you want a park-bench-on-a-city-street look? Lamps and benches can be found throughout.

When portraits are able to convey not only a sense of genuine interaction between the subjects - in this case my sister and her husband - but also creates a sense of place, there’s nothing more satisfying for me as an artist.

I love capturing the various scenes throughout Maryland, and I enjoy interacting with people and trying my hardest to make them laugh. That’s why I combine the two to create Maryland Scenic Portraits.

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