Touring Cromwell Valley Park with Ronkinon 8mm Fisheye Lens


Christmas has come and gone and with it some much appreciated spending cash.

It’s not all the time you would willingly spend your Christmas cash on work equipment, but alas, such is the desire of a photography addict.

After falling in love with my Sony a6000, I decided to invest in a Rokinon 8mm f3.5 fisheye lens, something I’ve ALWAYS wanted, but could never justify. At under 200 bucks on sale, I finally justified it.

Rokinon lenses are fully manual, meaning there is no autofocus, and you have to input the aperture settings on the lens itself. For those of us who have used film SLR cameras, this is nothing new, but for those who have not, it can be a shock to the system.

I noticed immediately how difficult it is to get a clear focus on an 8 mm lens. It’s so fine and far away from the subject that it’s hard to see what is in focus and what is out. I did find out, however, that depth of field is such that

I tested the lens for portraits and landscapes because I knew I would want to use it for both. A fisheye perspective is not to everybody’s taste, but I absolutely love it on certain occasions. The Rokinon did not disappoint. The circular, quirky look fits my brand like a glove. What do you think?


Taken at Cromwell Valley Park in Baltimore County, Maryland