Dogs really are a gal's best friend.

And great for business too.

A few weeks ago my daughter and I set up the photography studio in our basement and used our favorite puppy, Pepper, as our subject. I have this funny fascination with dressing up my dog in human clothing, and just so happen to have a spare logo dress shirt lying around that I've been meaning to use with her.

Like the good pup she is, Pepper tolerated every minute of our dressing, posing, and lighting, and was rewarded in return with a heap-load of yummy treats.

Oh yeah, did I mention the heap-load of treats were used as a sort of prop during our session?Last year, I read about a photographer who sets up dogs in studio, throws the dog a treat, and photographs the dog's reaction when the treat is in mid air, and then removes the treats in Photoshop so it looks like the dog's expression is really animated.

I tried this tactic last year outside in the dark, with mixed results. Add, to the mix a dog in a human shirt, and the result is predictably hilarious.

Pepper is great in front of the camera, and the dress shirt actually looks good on her. I'd like to use the photos for marketing material, but haven't yet figured out exactly how. What would you do with them? I'd love to hear any ideas. My besties came up with some very funny captions when I shared the photos with them, some of which I will likely use in the near future.

One challenge Pepper faced during our session was slippery ground. I used my Savage Universal white seamless paper for the background and the floor so I could keep everything, well, seamless. An all white background really makes my all black dog pop in photos, so I don't want to use a different flooring than my white seamless background. But how do I prevent her paws from sliding all over the place when she sits? I'm really stumped.

Anyway, enough about my problems. You came here for the adorable photos, didn't you? Please let me present Pepper Ruby Rose Bubble Bissett.