A Mother's Indulgence: Art by JEB

I spend so much time documenting and organizing the photographic memories of dozens of families each year, which genuinely brings me far more joy than you can possibly imagine. But damn if I never seem to find the time to do it for my own family.

This is where I try to change that. 

My two favorite people are insanely talented and I love sharing it with the world. Please forgive my motherly and wifely indulgence as I highlight some of their talents from time to time.

This week I highlight Julia, who, though I may be the slightest bit biased, is perhaps the single coolest person ever. This summer break from school, we've been doing a lot of fun projects together, and this most recent project is probably the most fun for me since it's very closely related to my chosen career.

Julia, who loves to draw, created a video describing and discussing her art which she starred in and edited by herself (with a little camera help from me). This is the final result.