Anger Letter Collage

Anger: It’s what so many of us are feeling right now.

Anger at our family. Anger at our friends. Anger at our lot in life. Anger at the rich. Anger at the poor. Anger at the war. Anger at the other race. Anger at your religion. Anger at my lack of religion. Anger at our teachers. Anger at our students. Anger at our delivery drivers. Anger at our celebrities. Anger at our food. Anger at our climate. Anger at our politicians. Anger at our TV screen. Anger at our street signs. Anger at our lack of possessions. Anger at our lack of friends. Anger at our bullies. Anger at our victims. Anger at our authority figure. Anger at our guns. Anger at our weed. Anger at our alcohol. Anger at our cars. Anger at our neighbors. Anger at our schools. Anger at our boss. Anger at our co-workers. Anger at our car. Anger at our bowl of cereal. Anger at our spouse. Anger at our children. Anger at our lack of skills. Anger at our abundance of knowledge. Anger our police officers. Anger at our minorities. Anger at our books. Anger at our coffee. Anger at our doctors. Anger at our pollution. Anger at our art. Anger at our sports. Anger at our coaches. Anger at our dogs. Anger at our looks. Anger at our sounds. Anger at our lights. Anger at pictures. Anger at our house. Anger at our life.

Be honest. How many of those did you agree with? How many of those things in our life and about our life make us angry? A whole fucking lot, apparently. And you know what all that anger gets us? More anger. More anger for things like bullying, and school shootings, and incarceration, and war, and guns, and rape, and destruction, and abuse, and genocide, and hunger, and the manipulation, and annihilation.

Love Letter Collage

Where’s the love? Where is our Peace? Where are the flowers? Where is the fun? Where are the family dinners, the kisses, the hugs, the music, the cuddles, the beaches, the dogs, the laughs, the jokes, the singing, the playing, the joy, the happiness?

Being happy doesn’t happen by mistake. We have to actively pursue that which excites and fulfills us. Turn off the computer, turn off the phone, turn off the TV and interact with each other face to face; go outside and “smell the roses," play with dirt, and laugh a little. Communicate with people, not inanimate objects.

I don’t pretend to know the answers – I wish I did. I’m just as easily angered as everybody else.  But anger takes a toll on my physical well-being and it's getting harder for me to deal with the consequences. Counseling; long hikes in the woods; drumming to a favorite song; eating less animal-based food; yoga; meditation; open-minded listening; minimizing the amount of material goods – those are things that have helped me deal with some of my anger and resentment, though they are by no means a cure-all. There is still plenty of anger to go around.

Peace brick at Mount St Mary's University

I genuinely wonder what it would be like if we were kinder to ourselves and each other more often. How different our society would look, and how less stressful it might feel. Are we really on this earth to accumulate material wealth and back-stab the person next to us? Over what? Some paper money, a bigger house, and nicer clothes? Or are we here to work together, to collaborate and learn how to navigate life as a team, and overcome obstacles together. By god, I hope it’s the latter. Otherwise, what’s the point?

In what sort of activities do you take pleasure? What makes you happy? What makes you smile? What makes you fulfilled? What makes you laugh? Share it with me in the comments below, post it on Facebook, tell a friend, or hell, tell a stranger. Make someone's day brighter by sharing with them the ways that make you brighter. Smile. Laugh. Play a game. Go outside. Call a loved one. Relax. Have fun. Be kind. Be at peace - with yourself and your surroundings. Live and let live. Only then can we begin to be at peace with our anger. Only then can we begin to be at peace with each other.