Putting My Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera To The Test

New Camera Documents Morning Hike at Cromwell Valley Park


I made an impulse buy on Black Friday this year and purchased a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. I’m a lifelong Nikon user, but there is something that intrigued me about the Sony mirrorless cameras, not least of which was the price tag (about $600 for the camera, two lenses, memory card, and a bag).

My body is breaking down slowly but surely, and my professional Nikon gear is starting to feel heavier and heavier, especially on personal excursions like this morning’s hike at Cromwell Valley Park. The Nikon weighs in at just under two pounds, not including the lens, which can sometimes weigh a pound in itself. The a6000, meanwhile, weights three-quarters of a pound with the lenses adding negligible ounces to the overall weight..

My main concern with my new mirrorless camera is picture quality. Nikon has been an industry standard for decades and for good reason, but Sony knows a thing or two about cameras and electronics as well, and even manufactures Nikon’s camera sensors in its factory.

This morning’s hike at Cromwell Valley Park was my first real chance to take the new camera in the field with me. The lack of weight alone made it such a joy to use. I didn’t feel my shoulders getting sore midway through the hike because my bulky DSLR, lenses, and tripod were weighing me down. I also loved the optical viewfinder, which allowed me to see the scene as it is and make adjustments to my exposure on the fly.

When I uploaded the images to my computer when we got home, I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality of the images themselves. The a6000 is a crop sensor, which means I don’t get as much picture in the frame or as much resolution as my full frame Nikon workhorses, but again, the lightweight gear and the what-you-see-is-what-you-get digital viewfinder makes up for any crop in the sensor.

What do you think about the images below? Did I lose any quality using my Sony a6000?

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