Landscape/Travel Photography at Delaware Water Gap

DELAWARE WATER GAP, Pennsylvania —

I traveled to New Jersey in December to celebrate my Grandmother’s birthday. Though my family’s home in New Jersey has been part of my life since forever, I’ve never actually explored it photographically.

First, while at the party, I photographed my aunt’s house, which is gorgeously situated on several acres in the New Jersey mountains. The clouds provided a nice texture, complimenting the home on the hill.

The next morning, we visited a section of the Delaware Water Gap: the Arrow Island Overlook just off Pennsylvania Route 611. Despite a lack of sunrise colors, there was a fog creeping along the mountains which provided a silky, ever-changing addition to the composition.

We also stopped at Resort Point Overlook, though by then the grey skies didn’t give me much to work with in terms of ideal lighting for landscapes. But I did grab a quick family portrait of the three of us, which is rare, but appreciated.

In this photo, Julia has a fractured elbow that we didn’t know about yet. The day before, during my grandmother’s party, she was riding a hover board for the first time and fell hard on her elbow. The cast is off now, thankfully, though I’m not sure she’ll be riding hover boards again any time soon.

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