Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls Interior Photography

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - 

My buddies at Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls are doing very well for themselves these days. After more than 4 years in Annapolis the eatery recently expanded to a new shop in Rehoboth Beach.

I traveled east in July to photograph the interior and exterior of Mason’s new location on Rehoboth Avenue, just like I did last year at their Annapolis location on Main Street.

I met owner Dan Beck on a Thursday morning before Mason’s opened to take shots of the empty restaurant. Upon completion it was time to open, so I got a few action shots of folks ordering and eating their meals while the employees were busy preparing food, taking orders, and cleaning tables.

Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls - Rehoboth Beach
Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls - Rehoboth Beach

In addition to interior shots, I also took exterior photos of the eatery. It was a beautiful, albeit hot day with blue skies and fluffy clouds, so the lighting was flattering. To give Dan plenty of options to choose from I walked all over the parking lot, sidewalk and streets adjacent to Mason’s,  switching between close up shots of the signs to wide angle shots of the street and nearby shops to give folks a sense of place.

Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls - Rehoboth Beach - Interior Photography

I look forward to working with Dan again as he prepares to open two more franchises in Baltimore and the National Harbor. For more information about Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls visit,