Actor Headshots in Edgewater, Maryland

Headshots can be a tricky thing. There's no ability to have the subject interact with another subject, there's no serene scene in the background to attract one's eye, and there's little opportunity to allow the subject to do his or her thing and hope you pressed the shutter at the exact moment they do something exciting.

No, for headshots it is simply you, your camera and the subject, who more often than not is waiting for you to give direction so they can be sure to look their best. Most headshots are shoulders up, so if there is one tiny flaw in their expression, the whole image is shot; there is very little room for error.

I was contacted initially by Erica and Bethany's mother, Jill, who is a friend of one of my newborn clients. Her daughters are both actors and needed to update their previous headshots to submit to their casting agency.

After getting an understanding for what kind of headshots Jill was looking for, I scheduled a time to bring my portable studio equipment to their house in Edgewater and set up in their living room. Luckily for me, the living room is made up of high ceilings, meaning I could extend my backdrop as high as I wanted, which was perfect since I had to take headshots and 3/4 length body images of the girls.

Headshot photography
Actor Headshots

Erica and Bethany were extremely polite, though a little shy at first. I would be too in their situation, which is why I always make an effort to chat with my subjects beforehand, to get to know them a little, and hopefully help them understand that I'm more like an acquaintance.

Both girls were absolute darlings and knew how to work the camera. Erica, especially, was a total natural, posing herself perfectly before I even had a chance to direct her.

Bethany, whose 5'10" stature prevents her from scoring parts as younger children, seemed mature well beyond her 14 years, and had the best set of blue eyes, freckles and red hair I've ever seen.

Actor Headshots

After two hours, I had many options to choose from, and with help from Jill, we were able to narrow it down to three versions for each lady: a smiling headshot, a non-smiling headshot, and a 3/4 length body shot.

Though I don't do headshot sessions often, I truly appreciated the opportunity to meet and photograph these two stunning young ladies, who I hope will remember me when they make it big in Hollywood some day.