Elkie Artists Camp at Deale Elks Lodge

For the past few weeks I've been helping my fellow Muddy Creek Artist Guild member photographers teach 10 budding artists from Southern Middle School the art of photography at the Deale Elks Club in southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

JoAnne Riley, a photographer and member of both Muddy Creek and Deale Elks, spearheaded this mentoring effort via a grant that allowed her to purchase 10 digital cameras as well as memory cards, printers and computers for the purpose of community outreach and teaching local youth.

Our first meeting in June was spent going over the digital camera, the basics of photography, and the concept of printing. Each group, which included a mentor and two young artists, also spent time walking around Deale taking pictures of specific themes along the way including water, animals, and nature.

My artist buddies for the day included Brianna and LaNae - quiet young ladies with a sharp eye for composition. Along our route we ran into the local docks, some softshell crabs, a sick 1950s era classic car, and other random plants and greenery.

LaNae, left, and Brianna, both of Southern Middle School, search for photography subjects. 

LaNae, left, and Brianna, both of Southern Middle School, search for photography subjects. 

After our initial day of shooting, the girls were able to take the camera home and shoot on their own. The following weekend we reconvened at the Deale Elks Club to choose their favorite images from the prior week and get them ready for print.

Though we did not have Adobe Photoshop at our disposal, the girls did take advantage of some of the basic editing software to tweak their images for contrast, color saturation, and sharpness. They then chose their top 3 images to print as an 8x10, as well as a few more printed at 4x6.

JoAnne had frames available for the artists to use as well as pre-cut mats courtesy of Wimsey Cove Framing and Art

And now that their art is printed and framed the young artists are holding an Art Reception on Sunday, June 25, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Deale Elks Lodge, 6022 Drum Point Road in Deale. The reception is an opportunity for them to share their work with friends and family and is also open to the public. Come by the Deale Elks on Sunday and see the amazing work created by these amazing artists. 

Elkie Artists Camp at Deale Elks Club