Celebrating Birthday Milestones Together



Ah, to be at the right place at the right time.

I was scheduled to meet up with Sidney, her mom, Valerie, and twin daughters, Simone and Quincy in early April, but due to weather concerns we were forced to reschedule for Good Friday. It's damn good we did because the day could not have been more ideal for a portrait photography session. An overcast sky provided even light, the mild weather created a comfortable atmosphere, and the flowers and greens were bursting with color.

Meeting at Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore we got to work right away with two of the most adorable 6-year-old twins I've ever met. Simone and Quincy were beyond camera ready with their spring dresses, flowing curly hair, freckles, and striking grey-blue eyes. 

Though it took a minute for the girls to warm up to me, it was quite apparent from the get-go that they could easily pursue a career in modeling should they choose to. One after another my memory card filled up with amazing images of both girls together and apart. The colorful tulip beds in the gardens certainly didn't hurt either.

While I took several pictures of the girls the session was actually meant as a celebration of birthday milestones for their mom, Sidney, 40, and grandmother, Valerie, 60, both of whom looked years younger than the number suggested. Sidney was referred to me by her friend, Sarah, who, along with her son Ajax, had portraits taken by me earlier this year at Patterson Park.

Like the girls, both Sidney and Valerie were absolutely radiant with Valerie's salt-and-pepper Afro and Sidney's cute-as-a-button dimple. It was truly a pleasure to immortalize this family at such a lovely garden during such a special time in their lives. It is also lovely to be able to connect with people so quickly while getting them to trust me and my madness for a full two hours. 

In the end I took far too many pictures of this gorgeous family. It was difficult to choose the final images, both for me and the family when it came time to choose their prints. That said, I've always been a big proponent of making sure there are too much rather than not enough. Besides, you can never have enough beauty in this world, can you?