Baby Milestones Plan: 3 Months Old


Baby Braden and his Big Brother Brandt are back and cuter than ever.

I stopped by the family's house for session no. 2 of 5 as part of their Baby Milestones Plan and came away with faaarrr too many images to choose from. 

On a perfectly overcast mild morning in Shady Side the boys were on cuteness overload. Brandt and I were cock-a-doodle-doing like no one was watching, and little Braden soaked in the scene rather quizzically as if to say "WTF is going on here?"

We included the parents and grandparents for this session, who were equally as fun-loving as the little ones. The diffused natural light from the morning sky created even tones and minimal shadows for the entire group, while my off camera speedlight created dimension on their face and catch lights in their eyes. The evergreen growth on their property also added a colorful background.

Braden Dunlap 3 Months Old

Both Braden and Brandt have changed since our last session together. Brandt's hair has gotten longer, curlier, and blonder, while Braden's eyes are open more often and staying a dark shade of blue, which excites the family of mostly chestnut brown eyes to no end. Natalia, who, to this point, is the sole member of the blue-eyed club, specifically requested that I capture his baby blues "in case they go away."

Though all the photos I've taken so far are beyond precious, the family will eventually choose their favorites from each session to be included in the family heirloom fine art album that I will design and print once all the sessions are complete. Baby Braden's milestone sessions are my second go around with the family after documenting Brandt's first year of life from 2015-2016. To see photos from Baby Braden's newborn session, visit: