Extended Family Portraits in Annapolis, Maryland

Capturing Five Families in Cape St Claire


It has been the year of the extended family portraits here at Jamie-Leigh Bissett, LLC. In Septmeber, I met five families in Cape St. Claire to shoot my third extended family portrait session of this year. 

This kind of work truly makes my heart smile.

Extended family sessions are a great way to get grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles involved in portrait sessions. It's a practice I think most of us should follow more often.

For the Maurer family, I was lucky enough to photograph four generations of family both as a group and individually. I especially loved that great grandpa was able to join us.

The session went incredibly smoothly as all families were easy to work with and came ready to smile. We uploaded and went over their images that same day so that grandma, who was the main beneficiary of the session, got to choose her favorites and compile them into a large framed collage print for her wall. 

The photographs are absolutely priceless, and the collage memorializing their fun day in front of the camera will be a part of the family for generations to come. Forget inheritance and family jewels: Family portraits are the most valuable kind of family heirloom.

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