2016: Best Of Offbeat Photographer

Vote on Top Pics From The Year That Was 

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with some really beautiful people in 2016, and I'll find any excuse to show them off again.

At this time last year I asked readers to choose their favorite Landscape images. My request was met with an overwhelming response and one lucky family, Heather Miller and her two boys, Peyton and Aaron, were the beneficiaries of a complimentary portrait session. Just to refresh your memories, let me me remind you real quick who these lovely people are.

This year, let's focus on Portraits, shall we? I've picked one photo from each portrait session in 2016 that I believe is the best of the best. Now, I need your help deciding which portrait is the overall favorite. 

What's in it for you? I'm so glad you asked, my friend. Since last year's complimentary session turned out so well, I'd like to do more of the same this year. Please comment below which image is your favorite and why, and I will randomly select one voter to receive a complimentary portrait session and 8x10 print in Baltimore or Annapolis (additional prints and products extra).

Want to double your chances of winning? Share this blog on your Facebook page, and then paste the link to your post in the comments below. 

Voting will commence today and extend through January 22, 2017, at midnight.

So don't wait. Get your hands on a complimentary session by Maryland's premiere Offbeat Photographer.