Family portraits at Jonas Green Park


You ever have those days at work where it just isn't working? The equipment is failing, the timing is off, the mind is blurry, the ju-ju is lacking.

I had one of those days back in October when I met my buddies, James, Pattie & Jack at Jonas Green Park in Annapolis for a family portrait session.

My lenses didn't seem to be focusing, my lighting was out of whack, and because I wear my emotions on my sleeve, the frustration I was feeling did not lend itself to creating a good vibe during the session.

So I did something I almost never do and called the session early.

"Are the pictures really bad, Jamie Jamerson, or are they just you-being-a-perfectionist-bad?" asked Pattie, referring to me by one of her favorite nicknames.

"It's just not working," I said. "Let's come back in a couple of weeks."

It's not ideal to have a family come back, especially because we're all busy with life. But sometimes a recharge is all that is needed to take things from ordinary to extraordinary; that and an equipment upgrade from a crop sensor to a full frame camera.

Not to say the photos taken during our first session aren't worthy - far from it. This image of a brooding young Jack should be in a magazine somewhere.


And I always have to give props to my girl, Pattie, who is never afraid to be completely inappropriate at any given moment.